Monday, February 25, 2013

Which movies, if filmed today, wouldn't end the same way? (Vol I.)

Life has change astonishingly in the last two decades, but talking about Internet and Mobile connections the last five years have been a revolution. We are connected everywhere, instantly, with everyone we want no matter where in the world are we or them.
Sometimes it amazes me, sometimes it scares me. But love it anyhow.

This same morning I've wrote "Dad, wait for me, I'm going to have lunch with mom and you" "ok" he replied, at least new tecnologies haven't change how much he hates to write/talk by phone.
Last night watching the Oscars I made a quick mental-list of my favourites movies and I thought: Which movies, if filmed today, wouldn't end the same way?
The following information may contain Spoilers.
Before Sunrise (1995) &
Before Sunset (2004)
A young american boy (Jesse) is traveling around europe when in Vienna he met the girl of his dreams, a beautiful blonde from France (Celine). The chemistry between them is impressive since the first moment and they spend all the time they have together, but both have to go back to their lives. They don't want to say goodbye so they set a date to meet again one year later.
No adress, no phone numbers, Celine wanted destiny to be the one to put them together again.


In the second movie, 9 years later, we find out that they didn't meet that day because Celine's grand mother passed away the day before.

Would this happen nowadays?
I think it wouldn't.
First of all, despite Celine thoughts about destiny I'm sure they'd exchange numbers.
Also I bet Jesse would search on Facebook for Celine as soon as he returns to the states. What If Jesse doesn't have facebook?
What about Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin, Tumbrl, Blogger, Youtube ...?

Nowadays I know They would found one another online sooner or later.
And maybe nine years later their lives would be so different from what they are...
And maybe they woulnd't spend nine years thinking about each other in silence ...
What do you think?

PS: if you like this movie, you have to know that the third part "Before Midnight" will be realeased soon.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Spring Trend: Mint Green

I love this colour,
it inspires me peace and calm.
Do you like it?
And my new H&M wool jumper.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Origami Elephant.

Following this YouTube tutorial
I've just made this cute Origami Elephant.
Yes, again I should be studiying.