Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nina Dobrev In Elie Saab

I don't want to make a review of all the dresses seen in the SAG awards' Red Carpet, as you know there're plenty of websites doing it much better that anything I could do.
 I just wanted to say that there was only one look that made me think AWESOME!!
Nina Dobrev looks stunning in this Elie Saab gown.
I love the dress (well I think I love every Elie Saab's piece), I love the colour, the earrings and the clutch.
Besides I love Nina too, she's kind in every interview, she's healthy and sporty and I'm really into The Vampire Diaries, I haven't finished last season so I still don't know the final choice.
 ¿Stefan or Damon? 




Jennifer Fabulous said...

Holy gorgeous!! She looks absolutely stunning and classy. That color is a dream on her. It's refreshing to see this kind of dress on the red carpet, isn't it? :)

I'm a huge fan of Vampire Diaries as well. Like you, I have seen any of this season yet. I've been netflixing it lol.

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

stunning dress!

Couture Carrie said...

Such an amazing gown!
Love the lace details!


em.me.ma said...

so simple and cute

Marlen said...

oh stefan or damen, it's a hard hard choice! and i love her too- how pretty does she look in pink?

xo Marlen
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